June 19, 2023

Recap: KubeDay Israel 2023

Recap: TeraSky’s Partnership with VMware Tanzu at KubeDay Israel 2023


The cloud-native ecosystem was buzzing with excitement at KubeDay Israel 2023!


KubeDay Israel brought together over 300 developers, architects, and technical leaders for a day of collaboration and education in the cloud native ecosystem. TeraSky, in partnership with VMware Tanzu, was a proud Gold Sponsor of the event, which allowed us to showcase our expertise in helping enterprises take full advantage of Kubernetes and microservices.


The event featured a range of informative sessions and workshops, including keynote presentations from industry leaders and breakout sessions covering topics such as cloud native security, continuous delivery, and service mesh. Attendees had the chance to engage in hands-on workshops and get up-to-date on the latest developments in the cloud native landscape.


One speaking session stood out as a true eye-opener. Elad Hirsch, Tech Lead – CTO Office at TeraSky, took the stage to deliver an insightful talk that shed light on the challenges and risks associated with adopting opinionated solutions in the cloud native landscape. The session explored the risks involved in embracing opinionated solutions, emphasizing the importance of understanding how CNCF projects are initiated and evolve over time. By reflecting on past mistakes, the audience gained valuable insights into evaluating and committing to the right open-source projects for their needs. Then, rather than focusing on a specific technology, Elad delved into the prominent concepts that must be considered in today’s CI/CD landscape, offering a comprehensive overview of the key factors and considerations that pave the way to successful implementation.


Beyond the speaking sessions, the TeraSky/VMware Tanzu booth provided attendees with the opportunity to connect face-to-face with our top VMware Tanzu experts and learn about the various ways our services could help them achieve more with Tanzu. As a leading provider of cloud infrastructure and application services, we were unrivaled in our ability to help enterprises prepare their Kubernetes deployments for production in terms of backup, monitoring, security, and developer experience.


KubeDay Israel 2023 was a prime example of the power of collaboration and education in driving innovation and advancement in the cloud-native ecosystem. At TeraSky, we are committed to leading the charge in helping enterprises leverage Kubernetes and microservices to drive success in their organizations. We look forward to continuing to connect with the cloud-native community at future events!

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