July 17, 2022

TeraSky Claims Top Spot as Aqua Security’s Leading Partner as Triad of Engineers Achieve Elite Aqua Platform Certification

Aqua Security’s Aqua Platform certification course is famously arduous. It is a point of incredible pride for the TeraSky family, then, that three of our own engineers – Denys Biloshapka (DevSecOps Specialist), Guy Lev (Cloud Solution Architect) and Yair Bass (Public Cloud Consultant) – have successfully completed the Aqua certification process, making TeraSky the leading Aqua Partner, with the greatest number of officially qualified engineers.



Aqua Security secures the cloud – from build to infrastructure to workloads. The Aqua Platform is the leading Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), serving the world’s largest enterprises. As an Aqua Partner, TeraSky’s engineers are deeply familiar with the advantages that Aqua provides. Still, our core value of prioritizing ongoing education, coupled with our culture that attracts team members who love a good challenge, recently fueled Denys, Guy, and Yair to push themselves to meet the demands and become the newest Aqua TAP Certified Engineers. Their Aqua TAP expertise is now second to none – an accomplishment that is a credit to their dedication as individuals and engineers and will significantly benefit TeraSky’s current and future clients.



What does the Aqua TAP course entail?


Aqua TAP consists of five intensive days of practical workshops, during which consultants are exposed to simulated requirements and activities of a typical Aqua customer deployment. The focus is on hands-on labs to implement Aqua solutions and products so that those who finish the course leave with a deep understanding of how Aqua CSPM and CWP solutions are integrated with customer environments and provide defense against vulnerabilities and exposures. Only those participants who demonstrate outstanding proficiency are certified.



What skills and tools do consultants gain from completing the course?


Successful TAP-certified technical consultants become accredited Aqua Certified Engineers (ACE), which is a requirement to deliver services on behalf of Aqua Security. They become experts in the unique prevention, detection, and response automation that the Aqua Platform provides across the entire application lifecycle, for implementations across a massive range of cloud providers and modern technology stacks, from containers to serverless functions to cloud VMs and beyond.



Which projects or clients will benefit most from consulting with an ACE?


The ACE certification ensures that every customer who deploys Aqua Security will benefit from the most skilled and knowledgeable engineers, who will deliver the most professional implementations. TAP-certified engineers are able to provide ongoing consulting services when needed, and they have direct access to contacts within the Aqua PS organization to support both the customer and TeraSky.


Aqua Security’s customers run the gamut, from financial services and software to media, manufacturing, and retail. Likewise, their strategic technology partners include all of the biggest cloud providers and software vendors. This broad industry integration mirrors TeraSky’s own, and the parallels enable the seamless deployment, improved interoperability, and smarter customizations for our joint customers.



What makes this course important and relevant today?


When a customer decides to secure its most critical cloud environments and implement the most enhanced CNAPP solution, engaging a TAP-certified engineer means they are assured of the best possible support team to deliver a successful project with meaningful results.


Want to know if the Aqua Platform could be the security solution you’ve been looking for? Talk to one of our (three!) certified experts today.

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