July 6, 2023

Webinar Insights: Enhancing Application Mobility and Business Continuity in Kubernetes

Managing containerized applications and production data in Kubernetes (K8s) environments can be challenging. To address these challenges, TeraSky and Portworx recently hosted a webinar called “Application Mobility and Business Continuity in Kubernetes.” TeraSky’s Solution Architect, Ariel Graner, and Cloud Native Applications Team Lead, Oleg Perstin, along with Daniel Paul, a Cloud Architect from Portworx, came together to discuss application mobility and business continuity in Kubernetes environments. The webinar aimed to equip participants with tools to overcome these challenges and improve their production databases and application strategies.


The webinar began by highlighting the importance of application mobility in agile development and deployment workflows and emphasizing the need for businesses to adapt quickly to market demands by leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Kubernetes. The presenters discussed the significance of seamless data persistence, high availability, and fault tolerance for mission-critical applications and shared practical strategies to optimize storage and data management within Kubernetes environments, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in challenging scenarios. Finally, participants were introduced to Portworx, a leading cloud-native storage and data management platform, with a demonstration of how Portworx simplifies the process of migrating applications across Kubernetes clusters. Attendees learned about the platform’s capabilities in maintaining data persistence and availability, empowering businesses to achieve uninterrupted operations and a seamless user experience.


The webinar also included a live demonstration showcasing the practical implementation of the discussed strategies. Participants saw how Portworx’s advanced technologies, combined with TeraSky’s expertise, achieve rapid application failover for seamless resiliency across Kubernetes clusters. Experts addressed attendees’ questions during an engaging Q&A session.


The “Application Mobility and Business Continuity in Kubernetes” webinar, hosted by TeraSky in collaboration with Portworx, provided invaluable insights and practical solutions to address the challenges of managing containerized applications and production data in Kubernetes environments. TeraSky’s expertise, combined with Portworx’s advanced technologies, demonstrated the potential for seamless application mobility, data persistence, and business continuity within Kubernetes. By implementing the knowledge shared in the webinar, businesses can enhance their competitive edge and adapt quickly to the dynamic demands of the digital landscape.

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