July 4, 2023

      11.00 GMT+3

A Unified Management Solution, Drive by Automation

Mastering Multi-Cloud Complexity: A Unified Management Solution, Drive by Automation


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, effectively navigating the complexities of cloud solutions has become more important than ever. Challenges such as cost optimization, architecture deployment, configuration and governance, and holistic observability are just a few examples of the intricacies involved.


To tackle these challenges, TeraSky and VMware have joined forces to launch the Multi-Cloud Management Webinar Series – game-changing sessions dedicated to streamlining operations in a multi-cloud landscape.


Session #1:
Mastering Multi-Cloud Complexity: A Unified Management Solution, Drive by Automation

TeraSky and VMware experts come together to explore the comprehensive automation capabilities of VMware Aria, a solution tailored to tackle operational complexities associated with cloud-native applications and public cloud environments. In this session, we will elaborate on the challenges DevOps engineers and Cloud Operators are experiencing with multi-cloud infrastructure and how VMware can assist them in simplifying and automating processes by creating a rich self-service portal for easy consumption.



Yev Berman (Head of Cloud Delivery at TeraSky)

Adiel Gilboa (Cloud Automation Consulting Architect at TeraSky)

Liron Brinder (Lead Solution Architect, Multi-Cloud Management at VMware)

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