July 3, 2023

      11.00 GMT+3

Application Mobility and Business Continuity in Kubernetes

Join experts from TeraSky and Portworx to explore the tools you need to take on the challenges of managing containerized applications and production data in Kubernetes (K8s) environments.


The webinar, “Application Mobility and Business Continuity in Kubernetes,” will provide invaluable insights and practical solutions to enhance your production databases and application strategies within Kubernetes environments. Discover how Portworx, the leading cloud-native storage, and data management platform, simplifies the process of migrating applications across Kubernetes clusters, ensuring data persistence and availability throughout the migration journey.


Ariel Graner, Solution Architect, Terasky
Oleg Perstin, Cloud Native Applications TL, Terasky
Daniel Paul, Cloud Architect, Portworx



On the Agenda:


Understanding the importance of application mobility in agile development and deployment workflows.
Ensuring seamless data persistence, high availability, and fault tolerance for mission-critical applications.

Facilitating rapid application failover for seamless resiliency across Kubernetes clusters.
Live demo and Q&A discussion with our experts.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and widen your competitive edge!


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