29 August, 2022

Six Outstanding TeraSky Employees Achieve Prestigious VMware vExpert Recognition

Twice a year, VMware recognizes select, elite individuals who stand out from their peers in their VMware evangelism activities by designating them as VMware vExperts. Six outstanding TeraSky employees went above and beyond their day jobs in the most recent designation round to achieve this impressive honor.


Each of the six designees has contributed positively and actively to the VMware community by sharing their knowledge.


For example, Noar Aviv (Cloud Network Consultant) and Nimrod Shoshani (Infrastructure Team Leader) realized that the automation they had written as part of their NSX-T badge certification could serve the community. They published several step-by-step instructions to help others deploy and configure NSX-T more easily:

NSX-T With Micro-Segmentation

NSX-T Deploy and Configure

vSphere Lifecycle Manager – Getting Started


Likewise, Ofir Dalal (EUC Consultant), Maxim Smirin (CSO EUC), and Uri Menuhin (CTO EUC) shared how they solved an interesting client need using the Client Drive Redirection feature on VMware Horizon Agent:

Share your Local Drive to Linux Virtual Desktop with Client Drive Redirection


Justas Krikštaponis (CTO, Baltics) walked readers through executing an L2 extension for subnets of VLANs from on-prem using VMware-provided software:

Network Extension Options for VMware on the Cloud

HCX Network Troubleshooting Tips

HCX DR – Not Only for DR


These blog posts, together with each individual’s ongoing contributions to the community, demonstrate their dedication to supporting others and spreading their expertise about the power of VMware’s toolset.

“We are extremely proud of our newest VMware vExperts,” said CEO Ofir Abekasis. “At TeraSky, education is a core value, which is why we not only invest in valuable ongoing education for our team members but encourage them to share their knowledge to educate the broader community as well. Naor, Nimrod, Ofir, Maxim, Uri, and Justas are to be applauded for their contributions and this prestigious achievement!”

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