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Portworx is the industry's leading Kubernetes Data Services Platform, leveraging your cloud block storage to deliver everything you need to run mission-critical apps in containers in production. As a Pure Storage Elite Partner, TeraSky’s experts help Portworx customers tackle critical K8s storage management challenges – failover limitations, maintenance, performance, and costs – to maximize efficiency and impact.


Navigate Complex Challenges

Achieve seamless multi-cloud data mobility and effortlessly scale persistent storage.

Best Practices Made Simple

Boost performance and efficiency by optimizing cloud operations and costs and implementing reliable backup and restore for applications and namespaces.

Robust K8s Data Management

Ensure business continuity across clusters and secure and encrypt container data without compromise.


Effortless Management:

Scaling storage, ensuring high availability, backups, security, and disaster recovery are seamlessly managed, eliminating complexity for your Kubernetes environment.

Unparalleled Flexibility:

Advanced failover options, including cross-availability zone, cross-cluster, cross-region, and cross-cloud capabilities, for unmatched disaster recovery in Kubernetes.

Optimized Performance:

Streamline persistent volume management, mitigate performance bottlenecks caused by multiple pods, and control costs to ensure your containerized applications run smoothly and efficiently.

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