Pure Storage

The World’s Best Storage, Hands Down.

Pure Storage has the industry’s ultimate storage solutions. Pure Storage is laser-focused on genuine customer value, improved user experience, and deep business impact. As an Elite Partner, TeraSky’s is a trusted expert in promoting and implementing the most advanced Pure Storage technologies and specialized business services.

For every need level, there’s a FlashArray built for you.



Enterprise strength and scale made simple

  • Most-burdensome critical applications
  • Extreme workload consolidation
  • Large-scale virtualized environments

Advanced performance for mission-critical workloads

  • Business-critical applications
  • Standard workload consolidation
  • Small to mid-range virtualized environments

Price-performance balance at its best

  • Operational workloads and data
  • Large-scale capacity
  • Backup and replication

All the pluses of all-flash, minus the costs

  • Active data archives
  • File repositories
  • Data protection
  • Video and image content libraries
Pure Cloud Block Storage

Storage costs optimization without sacrificing features

  • Copy data management-heavy applications
  • Optimize cloud block store costs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Dev/Test


Enterprise Capabilities that Deploy in Minutes

Designed for tightly integrated efficiency, Pure enables massive data storage and compelling economics without sacrificing speed or reliability.

Optimized Flexibility

Pure’s flexible consumption model allows customers to choose the payment option that best suits their budget and financial management needs.

Secure by Default

The only storage solution with always-on protection and ransomware remediation to give you peace of mind.

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