Software Defined Data Center

TeraSky expertise in cloud platforms, virtualization and storage solutions is an important factor in helping our customers to Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) transition.
Software-Defined Data Center means: All infrastructure is virtualized (systems virtualization, software defined storage, software defined network, single unified management), and delivered as a service, and the control of this DC is entirely automated by software. SDDC is the ideal architecture for private, hybrid and public clouds.

TeraSky knowledge and skills in:
• Virtual compute (VMware, RHEV, Docker, KVM, Etc.) expansion to all applications
• Storage (EMC, InfiniDat, Nimble, Red Hat SDS, HPE, IBM, Etc.) alignment with application requirements as a Software Defined solutions, HW agnostic
• Single Management and Automation (vCAC/vRealize, Cloudforms, Etc.)
allow us to design, integrate and implement stable and reliable SDDC.

When implementing SDDC, TeraSky specialists using one of the following:
• Build by yourself by choice of: Any HW, VMware vCloud Suite, vSAN, vCAC, RHEL, RHEV, Red Hat Software Defined Storage, CloudForms, Satellite, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, Etc.
• Converged Infrastructure by choice of: EMC VSPEX, VCE Vblock, IBM Pure Systems, HPE Converged Infrastructure, EVO: RAIL.
• Hyperconverged Systems by choice of: Nutanix, EMC VSPEX BLUE, HPE Hyperconverged 2XX-HC, IBM Hyperconverged, Etc.

Implementing SDDC requires changes to the skill sets found in the typical IT organization and it also requires changes to the organization’s processes such as the adoption of DevOps. Automation is one of the key technical enablers of a SDDC. However, in order to effectively implement a SDDC or many of the components of a SDDC, IT organizations have carefully choosing automation tools that work across all of the multi-generational technologies and all of the vendors that are typically found in a data center.
TeraSky experts performs training to customer staff in order to accelerate a fast adoption of the changes and gain relevant skills & experience. TeraSky team assists the customer during the implementation and migration period from traditional DC to SDDC and guarantees 24/7 SLA in post-project timeframe.


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